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Advanced OMR Evaluation System

The Advanced OMR Evaluation System is our unique strength, which we deploy for accurate evaluation of the Objective Type Tests. This Best–in-Class OMR Evaluation software has been adopted by very few institutes in Chandigarh. The marks scored by the student in different tests are displayed graphically, allowing easy comparison with others' attempt and one's own.

The Difficulty Level Grading Report affords the student a complete insight into each single test question. Based on the responses gathered from the students taking a test, the questions are graded from The Easiest to the Most Difficult. An incorrect answer in the easier portion indicates a careless mistake or a lack of conceptual clarity. Not Attempted (NA) implies that an answer has been marked wrongly. If it appears on the top of the chart, it simply means that the test-taker has got a tough question wrong. Likewise, a wrong attempt near the bottom of the chart implies that a relatively easy question has been marked.

These findings can be used to find out whether there is a problem with conceptual clarity or not.