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Chief Mentor's Message

Dear Student,

You have entered in the most decisive phase of life as the next few years will shape your future. Every parent dreams of providing his child the best education to enable him to reach his fullest potential. In this competitive era, every student dreams of scaling the heights of success in life. Studying engineering at a reputed institute in India can lead to a lucrative, fulfilling career. Most engineering aspirants harbour a dream of entering the IIT's / BITS and other Top Institutes, post their schooling. We appreciate your courageous decision in choosing the most challenging academic endeavor.

At Planet Future, we co-create a highly competitive environment with a competent peer group for collaborative learning to help you achieve your goal. In the past decade, we have helped thousands of students to realize their IIT dreams. Our innovative pedagogy, which evolved over the years, has propelled our students to top ranks in engineering entrance tests.

In the new paradigm, it is important for the student to excel in both the Class XII Boards and Competitive Exams. These changes have intensified the competition for Top Engineering Institutes. While responding to this challenge proactively, we are already adapting our systems to these changes quickly. Though change is a constant, we remain firmly committed to empowering you with superior academic services in all situations to help you reach your cherished goals.

There is no shortcut to success. But besides hard work, smart work is equally important in today's information age. Picking the right thing from the right place is absolutely crucial to learning management. With this undying conviction and the philosophy of chiselling raw stones into sparkling diamonds, Planet Future has emerged as a nursery of success in Mathematics training.

Team Planet Future warmly welcomes you to its portals and assures you of true mentorship for your bright, successful future.

We look forward to co-creating your dream career.

R. Manchanda
Chief Mentor